For our latest campaign showing how music unites us around the globe, we met up with South African-born musician Rouge, who is an award winning hip-hop artist, rapper and author. In this video, she tells us why she makes music and how it inspires her.

Music is a global language. It transcends race, religion and politics. It’s a social scene that navigates between genres and has the power to move, inspire and bring people together from all over the world.

This season’s concept shows music’s true global reach. We meet the people who make up this international community — whether on stage or in the crowd, backstage or with the fans — to prove that no matter where you are, no matter what you listen to, we’re all united by the beat.



Hip-hop artist Rejjie Snow released his first EP in 2013 and quickly found himself on major tours with big names. His sound is eccentric and colorful, beat-heavy, and makes you want to move.


Born and raised in Pretoria, Rouge debuted her album, THE NEW ERA SESSIONS in September 2017 which ranked Number 1 on iTunes on the day of release; a first for a female rapper in South Africa. The record , which serves as Rouge’s candid commentary about the various eras of hip hop, received an SA Hip Hop Award, SAMA and her accompanying short film, a SAFTA.


The singer/songwriter/producer crosses genres, merging elements of jazz, electronica and R&B together to create an inspiring new sound that’s moody and soulful.


A little bit Brit pop, a little bit punk, a little bit fuzzy grunge. Since forming in 2014, The Big Moon’s smart, melodic, guitar-driven sound has sent these four girls on endless tours, playing sold-out shows and festivals, from London to Austin.


Japan's hip hop scene is growing by the minute, and rapper Kid Fresino has become a huge talent in the global community. Before rapping on his own records, he created beats for the Fla$hBackS. Today, he’s known for his energetic stage presence, giving old-school soul samples a unique, modern sound.


The five members of ADOY have a storied history in the Korean music scene, each member having performed with other prominent bands before joining forces in 2016. Since then, their smooth, electronic sounds have led them to play music festivals all over the world.


She can sing. She can dance. She can rap – in English and Mandarin. Singer/songwriter Lexie Liu has been intriguing fans ever since she debuted her single “Coco Made Me Do It” back in 2016. She’s performed all over the world, including at SXSW, and continues to captivate with her personal style.